Inc. believes that ever young person needs to know that they matter and they have a hope for their future. We serve communities by going into schools to promote self awareness and anti bullying. Our school weeks culminate in a community wide event in a local venue that can host 200-500 people. The music, both in schools and at the event, will always be non explicit in order to encourage events for the entire family. 

To date, Inc. have conducted PSE sessions in the South Wales region culminating in two large events at the Sony Theatre, Bridgend. Both events have seen close to 300 people from the local communities come out and enjoy an incredible show from artists such as LZ7, Written In Kings, Fire Fences and The Broadcasts. 

"Having INC deliver the PSHE session was a great way to engage students and provided a unique experience to reinforce an important message. The team were a pleasure to have and the students thoroughly enjoyed their music. We would definitely book them again!" Teacher @ Archbishop McGrath, Bridgend
  • PSHE Sessions & School tours
  • Non explicit music nights 

If you would like to book an event or school tour in your local community please contact:

Dan Weeks